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Monday, April 27, 2015

Radioactivity Textbook

Radioactivity – Radionuclides – RadiationRADIOACTIVITY – RADIONUCLIDES – RADIATION is suitable for a general audience interested in topical environmental and human health radiological issues such as radiation exposure in aircraft, food sterilisation, nuclear medicine, radon gas, radiation dispersion devices ("dirty bombs")… It leads the interested reader through the three Rs of nuclear science, to the forefront of research and developments in the field. The book is also suitable for students and professionals in the related disciplines of nuclear and radiochemistry, health physics, environmental sciences, nuclear and astrophysics. Recent developments in the areas of exotic decay modes (bound beta decay of ‘bare' or fully ionized nuclei), laser transmutation, nuclear forensics, radiation hormesis and the LNT hypothesis are covered. Atomic mass data for over 3000 nuclides from the most recent (2003) evaluation are included. The book contains a CD-ROM with the Universal Nuclide Chart – an interactive, platform independent JAVA-program for displaying basic nuclear data, decay processes and neutron reactions together with a fold-out version of the most recent Karlsruhe Chart of the Nuclides.

Written for:
Students in the fields of nuclear and radio-chemistry, nuclear medicine, health physics, environmental sciences, nuclear and astrophysics

"this text is a must have for any scholar of the nuclear sciences"
Larry Burchfield, PhD, Radiochemistry Society Faculty.

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